Thiago Bulho

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Video producer, Digital Marketing, Waterfalls and adventures

1989 cross bike track
cross bike track

In 1989 or so, my father had an incredible idea to build a bikecross track on the land next to our house, in the city of Garça.
On weekends, several children and teenagers gathered to do the competition that was organized on our bikecross track. it was amazing

Outubro 1989 Uncle Neto Arantes Dam
Uncle Neto Arantes Dam

In 1989 I had my first experience with a walk in the middle of nature.
My first adventure walking around a big lake with my mother and brother. At the time, we had camped on the country property of a friend of my father's. An amazing adventure!

Year 1992 laser class sailing boat
laser class sailing boat

All my childhood I had the experience of doing a lot of sports, but I didn't expect that I could have such a responsible experience. It was also the first time I had this opportunity to learn to sail alone in a laser sailboat.
The weekends were always very nice, we spent several years, weekends at the Dam of the Cachoeira farm of uncle Zé Belluzo. Amazing experiences we had there.

Outubro 2013 Serra da Canastra
Travel to Serra da Canastra

Places Visited - Created in 1972, the Serra da Canastra National Park has 71,525 demarcated hectares and part of the territory of 3 municipalities: São Roque de Minas, Sacramento and Delfinópolis, in the southwest of Minas Gerais, and the main purpose of creating the Park was to protection of the sources of the São Francisco river.

Outubrio 2013 1º dia Serra da Canastra
Casca D´anta waterfall

1st day of the trip to Serra da Canastra, Casca D'anta Waterfall

Outubro 2013 2º dia Serra da Canastra
Maria Augusta Waterfall

2nd day of the trip to Serra da Canastra, Maria Augusta Waterfall
Places visited

Outubro 2013 3º dia Serra da Canastra
Fundão waterfall

3rd day of the trip to Serra da Canastra, Fundão Waterfall Cachoeira do Fundão

Dez 2017 Travessia Ilha Bela
Sepituba X Bonete Trail Crossing

A very cool crossing!! Watch the video
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May 2021 Campos do Jordão
Campos do Jordão