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Some people say the Mariana waterfall and I know it as the União waterfall.

The funny thing is that the waterfall is on a farm next to the União farm, called São Gabriel.

União waterfalls, as I know them, are three incredible waterfalls and two are difficult to access for those who are not used to walking in the woods.

The 1st waterfall is easily accessible, you just have to be smart when you get close to the waterfall, jump over a barbed wire fence and follow the trail. When you reach the bed, go for a few meters and go down a stone ladder, it’s not quite a ladder, but you’ll be able to go down. Walk carefully and stay on the left side, bordering the trees until you reach a part where you will see the small drop from above, stay on the left side and follow the trail until the part that goes down between the branches of the trees and then go straight ahead. of the small drop that is in the photo to the side.

If you continue towards the direction of the water, you will reach the top of the 2nd Waterfall, be very careful as there is no protection.

Have fun and remember to bring back the garbage you might take!

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